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Keep it Cool with Killer Koozies & Can’t Miss
Custom Can Coolers

updated: December 20, 2023
Keep it Cool with Killer Koozies & Can’t Miss Custom Can Coolers

When summer is just around the corner, thoughts turn to hotdays and cool drinks.Everyoneloves to have coolers and customcan koozies that actually keep their favorite beverages icycold for a long period of time. If you’re planning an employee picnic, customer appreciation event or participating in an industry trade show in these warm months, custom can coolers and koozies can make great giveaways.

Cool koozies have come a long way from theoriginal foam varieties in bothdesign andperformance. Crestline offers a wide variety of attractivedrinkware and high-performing funkooziesfor you to choose from.

2-in-1 & Dual Purpose Personalized Koozies

The most successful people in the world have mastered the skill ofmultitasking; why not expect the same from your swag? Crestline offers several 2-in-1 anddual-purpose custom koozies.

Check out our Bottle Opener KOOZIE®that is made from high-quality polyester and comes with a built-in bottle opener for addedconvenience. It can be easily sized to fit both cans and bottles and can be folded flat, making itperfect for mailers or easy transport to far-off conferences. ThePartyFanny Pack with KOOZIE® Can Cooler offers a zippered main compartment with a back zipperedpocket. It also has an adjustable waist strap with buckle closure.

Here are some more hard-working favorites:

2-in-1 & Dual Purpose Personalized Koozies
Fun & Unique Koozies

Fun & Unique Koozies

When it comes to purchasing swag today, many businesses and organizationsmay find it difficult to be unique. Walk around any trade show or community event, and it’s easy tofind popular giveaways that often end up in the landfills.

Instead, invest in a fun and unique product such as our KOOZIE®Glow-in-the-Dark that can stay visible during nighttime parties after just 15 minutes of lightexposure or our Full ColorSlap Wrap™ that is made from a sharkskin-neoprene blend and works like aslap bracelet. This slap koozie stays securely in place once and fits multiple containers whilekeeping hands dry. Make your brand the hero of the day with our Can Cooler Herowith Cape. Thisinsulated can cooler is made from high-density open cell foam and features a superhero theme with asewn-on cape. Imprint your message, logo, or brand in three spots including a full color imprint onthe cape itself. These can coolers are perfect for non-profitorganizations that recognizevolunteers, healthcare workers, teachers, or anyone who makes a difference.

Check out some of these best-sellers:

Cool Koozies in an Array of Materials & Patterns

Forget the boring one-size-fits-all foam custom can koozies of days goneby. It’s time for a change of material and patterns that will not only help your recipients standout but your organization as well. The next time you have a trade show, employee appreciation event,or community shindig, select unique koozies that have updated their appearance.

Our Burlap Can Cooler is acustomer favorite with its natural and rusticlook. It’s collapsible for easy storage or mailing. Imprint your message or logo and select thecolor of your stitching for extra customization. The burlap exterior is reinforced with a neoprenelining, making drinks stay colder longer and protecting hands from condensation. Our Rainbow& TieDye Can Coolers are made with neoprene, making them latex-free and water resistant. Withtheirspace-saving design, these koozies fit 16 oz and 20 oz bottles perfectly.

Browse through these other one-of-a-kind offerings:

Cool Koozies in an Array of Materials & Patterns_1
Custom Slim Can Koozies

Custom Slim Can Koozies

Who says swag can’t stay in touch with the times? We know that seltzersand energy drinks are trending hot these days with their stylish slim can designs. Crestline isstaying in step with a wide variety of custom slim can koozies.

Our 12oz Slim Stainless Steel Insulated Can Holder is perfect for hardseltzer, beer or energy drinks that come in a slim can. Select from four unique colors and apowder-coated finish to make your brand stand out. These can coolers have a double-wall stainlesssteel construction, leading to excellent performance. The BasecampChilly Slim Insulated Can Cooleris a double wall vacuum stainless steel holder ideal for a slim can. It has a removable top ring andkeeps beverages cold or hot longer. Basecamp®is proud to partnerwith Wounded Warrior Project®todonate $100,000 in 2021 to support their mission to honor and empower wounded warriors. For asimpler and more budget-friendly option, show off your logo on the 12 oz SlimSeltzer Coolie.

Select from our in-demand slim can varieties:

Full Color Sublimation Koozies

Forget the limited, tiny logo imprinting on old-time swag. Today’stechnology allows for full-color “all over” customization. Create a custom koozie with a picturethat uses an image or photo reflecting your brand. You’ll have one of the most eye-catchingsublimation koozies on the trade show floor.

Crestline’s Slim FullColor Neoprene Can Holder features a vividwrap-around full color sublimation to maximize its visibility. Perfect for a wide variety of talland slim drinks, this sublimation can cooler is guaranteed to be a hit at your next event. Our 12 ozFull Color Foam Can Cooler is a colorful and comfortable way to carry cans while keepingthem cold.Made from ⅛-inch high-density open cell foam, this USA-madekoozie folds flat to ship, store, ormail easily. Add your full color logo or brand to make your swag stand out against the competition.

Here are some of Crestline’s best-sellers:

Full Color Sublimation Koozies_1

Vacuum Insulated Custom Can Coolers

There’s nothing more frustrating on a hot day than a luke-warm beverage that lost its battle withits koozie. Help your customers, employees and other stakeholders cool in the dog days of summer byproviding them with these vacuum-insulated custom can coolers that boast extensive cooling time.

The 11 ozSherpa Vacuum Tumble & Insulator keeps drinks hot for five hours and cold for a whopping15 hours. Your recipients will appreciate the clear, press-on lid with a slide closure as well asits double-wall construction and vacuum-insulated performance.

Corkcicle’s®Classic Arctican Can Cooler does more than keep drinks cool; every purchase helps bringclean water to people in need as well through a charity effort. These koozies keep 12 oz cans coldfor up to three hours by simply freezing the cooling core base and twisting it on. It comes with asleeve adapter for glass bottles.

Here are the best insulated performers:

Vacuum Insulated Custom Can Coolers
Custom Coozies for Water Bottles, Cups, Rocks Glasses & More

Custom Coozies for Water Bottles, Cups, Rocks Glasses & More

Gone are the days where koozies only keep beer cans cool. Today, selectjust about any beverage shape and you can find a custom koozie to fit. Keep water bottles, rocksglasses, cups, and many more drink vessels cool and condensation free in the summer heat.

Our Asobu®Insulated “On the Rocks” Kuzie lets your employees, customersor other stakeholders enjoy perfectly chilled “on the rocks” or “neat” drinks for a longer period oftime. The slim, double-wall vacuum design includes a standard U.S. made straight up old-fashionedrocks glass. The Zip-UpBottle KOOZIE® Cooler is collapsible, making it easy to carry in a pocket orpurse. It fits most 12 oz long-neck bottles and is ready and waiting for your logo and branding.

Peruse our popular products:

Add Quotes & Sayings to Custom Can Coolies to Create a Memorable Giveaway

Add Quotes & Sayings to Custom Can Coolies to Create a MemorableGiveaway

It’s easy to turn even the most basic koozie into a funny or sought-aftergiveaway with a saying such as “In dog beers, I’ve only had one” or “Yoga class? I thought you saidpour a glass.”

Crestline’s Collapsible KOOZIE® CanCooler is made from high-qualitypolyester and includes a foam backing to assist with greater insulation. It’s available in a wideassortment of colors and folds up for easy transportation, storage, or mailing. If you’re touting asustainability message, check out our Eco-KOOZIE® CanCooler that keeps beverages colder and tastinggreat longer. It’s made from at least 10 percent post-consumer foam backing with a polyesterexterior to keep drinks cold and hands warm.

Some top sellers include:

Monogrammed Koozies for Weddings

Custom can coolers may not be the first thing that pops into your headwhen you think of elegance, but think again! Custom koozies are a surprisingly popular wedding favoras they are budget friendly, travel easily, keep indoor and outdoor events comfortable, and featurea great imprint area for the couple’s names or a nuptial-related sentiment. The key is choosing astyle that matches the theme of your wedding andhelps set a mood.

For instance, our Sparkle NeopreneCan Cooler is made of a metallicneoprene that has an eye-catching, sparkly finish. Not only is it made with this popular wetsuitmaterial, but it can be stitched with a thread color of your choice to match your wedding colors.Imprint your message on both sides as well as the bottom of this unique gift. Our Velvet NeopreneCan Cooler is similar in material with a velvet finish in a variety of modern colors. It canalso becustomized with thread color and imprinted in three areas. Burlap is an on-trend material for modernweddings that lets you combine a natural texture with an elegant font. Customize the Burlap CanHolder to create an elevated rustic atmosphere at your reception.

Here are some popular options:

Monogrammed Koozies for Weddings

When it’s time to select swag for your next company event, trade show, conference, orcommunityparty, you can’t go wrong with custom can koozies. It’s a giveaway that promises to beuseful notonly in the heat of the summer but can do double duty by insulating those hot drinks that keepeveryone warmer in the winter as well. Check out all of Crestline’s offerings including drinkwareand other popular giveaways today.