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How to Promote Blood Donation
with Incentive Gifts

updated: November 16, 2023
How to promote blood donation

According to the American Red Cross, someone in the U.S. needs a blood transfer due to illnesses, surgeries or injuries every two seconds, and since one donation has the chance of saving up to three lives, it's crucial that blood banks and hospitals find ways to encourage blood donations.

While January is National Blood Donor Month and June 14th is Blood Donor Day, blood drives are also happening year-round, which means there's plenty of opportunity to raise awareness of the critical need for blood and to thank donors for the incredible impact they have made.

Are you wondering how to increase awareness of blood donations or just need some helpful tips on how to get started? From catchy blood drive slogans to health and wellness gifts, here are some proven promotional incentives for blood donations.

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Blood Drive Posters & Signage

Your next blood drive is quickly approaching, and it's important to get the word out well before the event takes place. Not only do posters give donors the chance to clear their schedule, but they can also provide helpful tips like what foods to eat and the importance of hydration prior to donating.

Any event will also need the proper signage for the day of the drive, including signs to show people where to park, where to enter, where the check-in table is located and other gneral information. The 6’ x 18” Custom Tabletop Banner, for example, will stand out and ensure donors know they are in the right place. Here are some top signage choices for walls, tabletops, sidewalks, and parking lots :


Blood Drive Goodie Bag Swag

Provide donors with more than just literature and brochures in their goodie bags when they first check-in. From customized stress relievers to keep their attention off of the needle to sweet treats that are great for raising blood sugar levels to any of these promotional water bottles to remind them to re-hydrate after giving blood, these blood bank gifts will make their experience much more pleasant.

Blood Donor Thank You Gifts

Share your gratitude to donors with blood donation gifts that include creative blood drive sayings that match the gift. “You're a lifesaver” printed on Life Savers® are sure to leave them smiling, or share the incentive of “Give a Pint, Get a Pint” to motivate with the 16 oz Classic Pint Glass.

Blood Drive T-Shirts

Custom t-shirts are a centerpiece in promoting any event, from concerts to cancer awareness, and there's no reason to break from the trend when it comes to blood drives. With impressive blood drive t shirt designs, you can promote blood donation long after the drive has ended and make donors walking billboards with encouraging blood donation awareness quotes and slogans like “You're Somebody's Type” or “Donate Blood, Donate Life.”

Blood Drive Stickers & Awareness Items

Ensure donors leave with a sense of pride for their willingness to help their community. Blood drive stickers and awareness bracelets give donors a way to proudly show off their contributions. These blood donation incentives are inexpensive yet effective and can help bring even more attention and people to your next event. Don’t forget to include your website, organization name, and phone number.