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The Best Custom Awards, Trophies & Plaques for
Your Occasion

published: February 22, 2021
Illustration of employee receiving award

Personalized awards aren’t just for events or goal driven incentives. Many companies use corporate awards as a means of recognition to honor their staff anytime and for anything. Businesses have been using employee appreciation awards for things such as keeping remote workers engaged, showing support for essential workers, welcoming employees back to the office, and thanking staff for their additional efforts during these difficult times.

While some businesses might balk at spending budget on traditional “swag,” employee appreciation gifts are truly worth the investment. Awards have staying power, with 95% of awards being proudly displayed instead of being thrown out after moderate use. Since 77% of companies use an actual award (plaques, certificates, etc.) instead of cash, gift certificates, or food, you can see just how much influence these custom plaques and trophies have on company culture and performance.

You may wonder how you can get personalized awards out to your during a time when it’s difficult or impossible to host in-person events. Luckily, Crestline can ship awards to individual recipients’ addresses. There is no need to wait for the pandemic to pass to recognize your employees' efforts.

Types of Custom Awards

Custom awards infographic

Popular Award Materials

Popular award materials infographic

Our employee appreciation awards come in various shapes and with several unique designs to match your needs, such as a city skyline award or a thumbs up award. On top of that, you can create and fully customize your own award to represent a building, mascot or anything else you might dream up. Custom awards and trophies allow you to create a truly unique and one-of-a-kind piece that no one else has. Reach out to one of our knowledgeable sales representatives today at 1-866-488-4975 to get started.

Awards, Trophies and Plaques for Every Occasion and Recipient

Award ideas for every occasion infographic

No matter the event, corporate awards are the perfect way to recognize individuals for their accomplishments. Whether you're hosting a banquet or charity event, you can elevate the reach of your business by showing your community that you value hard work. Here are our top recognition theme ideas:

  • Employee Recognition Award Categories
    • Customer Service Award
    • Employee of the Month (quarter, year, etc.) Awards
    • Year of Service and Work Anniversary Awards
    • Retirement Awards
    • Leadership Awards
    • Top Performer/Sales Achievement Awards
    • Safety Awards
    • Peer-To-Peer Recognition Awards
    • Teamwork Award
    • Innovation Award
    • Training Completion or Certification Awards
  • Sports and Business or Charity Tournaments
    • From business golf tournaments to school sports, we have custom medals and sports trophies for all your needs.
  • Education, Academic Achievements and Graduation
  • Recognition of Essential Workers
    • Recognize the hard work of transportation workers and delivery drivers with the trucker’s award.
    • Show healthcare workers, doctors and nurses how much you appreciate them with the Shooting Star Award.
  • Awards for kids
    • Certificates, participation awards, and custom medals are great recognition items for children. Of course, awards for kids don’t necessarily have to be a typical ‘award’ and could be swag giveaway items like a water bottle or drawstring bag with an uplifting saying on it like “You’re a star” or “You did it!”

Unique and Funny Award Ideas

Unique award ideas infographic

Not only are humorous office awards a great way to provide recognition, but they also connect people through laughter. Come up with humorous and fun employee awards that are reflective of your company culture. But first, think of your company values and norms around the office. Remember, it’s important to keep these funny award ideas lighthearted so as to not offend anyone. Here are some funny award title ideas to get you inspired (that we think most offices can relate to):

  • Fueled by Coffee – No matter what time of day, this person can be seen with a coffee cup in hand.  
  • Sunshine Award – For the person who is always smiling and radiating positivity.
  • Office DJ – Though maybe sometimes too loud, this person always has the best tunes.
  • Chef Award – The coworker who always has a 5-star restaurant quality meal for lunch that they made themselves.
  • Plant Lover – Their office is filled with plants, and it takes talent to keep them all alive.
  • Prankster – Awarded for causing laughter (or screams) throughout the office.

You can also incorporate industry specific awards, quotes and saying such as “Super Nurse!” for the healthcare industry. That's just one of many appreciation sayings for nurses to get you inspired. Also, check out popular teacher slogans like “There Is No Substitute For You!” for the education industry.

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