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Best Marketing Approach for Baby Boomers & Seniors with Promotional Products

updated: September 21, 2023

Promotional products are a great way to market to every generation including Baby Boomers and The Greatest Generation. According to a recent study by ASI*, these logo imprinted giveaway items are the most highly regarded form of advertising. And why shouldn’t they be? Promo items are free gifts! Below we’ll take a closer look at the advantages of senior swag as well as which items older Americans like best.

Marketing to Senior Citizens by the Numbers

  • 45% of Baby Boomers who own promo products have kept them for more than 10 years.
  • Nearly two thirds (65%) of Baby Boomers who own promo products have kept them for more than 5 years. The longer an item is kept and used, the more impressions your brand message receives!
  • American households own an average of 30 promo products, but Baby Boomers have fewer than Millennials or Generation X. Fixing that stat represents a huge opportunity for advertisers.

Which Promotional Products Do Baby Boomers Like Best?

Health & Wellness Items

Blue yoga mat with black mesh carry bag
Orange exerise stretch band
Safety keychain with wistle and light
Reflective wrist band
Silver pedometer with logo
Black waist pack organizer
Bike water bottle
Hot Cold pack

Eco-Friendly Gifts

  • 53% of consumers age 55+ have a more favorable opinion of the advertiser if the promo product they received was environmentally friendly—higher than Generation X or Millennials!
    • A notebook and pen set made of recycled materials is both handy and responsible.
    • Coffee mugs made of wheat straw plastic re-use a byproduct of manufacturing.
    • Recycled paper photo frames are great for special pictures of pets, family, and friends.
    • Reusable grocery totes reduce the use of plastic bags.
Eco friendly cardboard notebook
Eco friendly wheat straw mug
Eco friendly recycled paper picture frame
Royal blue tote bag

Tech Giveaways

Bamboo phone and tablet stand with laser engraved logo
Dark Green pen with ergonomic grip
Webcam cover for phone and computer
Blue and black reversible laptop sleeve

USA Made Swag

  • 70% of Baby Boomer consumers are more favorable to advertisers if the promo product was Made in the USA , which is far more than Generation X or millennials.
    • Across all product categories, Crestline has a variety of items Made in the USA that will be sure to fit your promotional marketing idea and budget.
USA made tote with gusset and colored straps
Insulated Travel Tumbler

Travel Accessories

Hobby Items

Tailor Your Imprint

  • Choose simple fonts and larger typefaces. To accommodate larger print, select items that have a large imprint space.
    Shopping tote bag
  • Choose a print color that contrasts with the color of the product you are printing on to make sure your logo or company name stands out.
    Coffee mug with colorful inside
    Illustration of seniors