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Inexpensive Gifts for Nurses – Great Ideas for
Nurses Week, the Holidays and Healthcare
Appreciation Events Throughout the Year

updated: March 5, 2024
Inexpensive Gifts for Nurses – Great Ideas for Nurses Week, the Holidays and Healthcare Appreciation Events Throughout the Year

Nurses’ Week runs from May 6th to May 12th and there are other healthcare appreciation events throughout the year, as well as the winter holidays, where you’ll want to say thank you with thoughtful gifts. In the name of balancing your employee appreciation gifts budget for the year, you may want to splurge on luxury gifts for some occasions, and save with inexpensive nurse gifts for others. Consider pairing cheap nurse gifts with gift cards to a favorite store or restaurant, or an in-house catered event. Whatever your reason for watching the budget, here are our best small gift ideas for nurses.

Great Gifts for Nurses Under $1

Even with a low budget, you can purchase good but inexpensive gifts for nursing staff. Thoughtful gifts under $1 let all the nurses in your organization know that you appreciate them without breaking the bank, and practical and small gifts for nurses like our stethoscope ID tags will get lots of use. Remember that communicating respect and recognition still means a lot when it’s done through a thoughtful, small, and affordable giveaway.

1. USA Made Flavored Lip Balm

Print this lip balm with your organization's name or an appreciation message. These lip balm tubes make inexpensive gifts for Nurses’ Week and other occasions that they’ll always keep on hand.

2. Starlight Highlighter Stylus Pen

Provide them with a three-in-one pen that includes a smooth ballpoint pen for everyday notes, a stylus pen for their devices, and a highlighter for optimal organization. These pens are cheap nursing gifts that they’ll reach for every time.

3. Single Wrap Large Chocolate Chip Cookie Treat

Being a nurse is rewarding but difficult. Remind them to enjoy the little things in life with a classic chocolate chip cookie, a cheap Nurses’ Week gift that everyone will love.

4. Circular Promotion Pin

They’re proud of what they do, so help them show off their love for others with a pin they can keep on their clothing, bag, or backpack.

5. 16 oz Solid Stadium Cup

Purchase cheap nurse gifts in bulk that are also practical, like this versatile stadium cup. Whether it’s used for beverages, as an organizational tool, or as decor, when they see the message you’ve printed, they’ll receive a little boost of motivation. This type of gift also makes a great party favor that can be kept as a memento.

Cool Gifts for Nurses Under $5

Perhaps you’re hosting an event for all the nurses in your organization, or you want them each to have something for a healthcare appreciation week. You might be surprised at what you can get with a budget of as little as $5 per gift, especially when you buy gifts for nurses in bulk. We know you don’t want to compromise on quality, so we sell many gifts for nurses under $5 that can be personalized to make your gift much more special.

6. 16 oz Shiny Pottery Mug

Nurses are often required to work long and hard hours, and sometimes they really need that morning cup of coffee. Add a little something to their morning routine with a personalized pottery mug, a nurse gift under $5 that looks great on the kitchen counter, in the cafeteria, or in the office.

7. Harvest Utensil Set

When their day is particularly busy, it can be easy for nurses to forget about food. Remind them to take care of themselves with inexpensive Nurses’ Week gifts like this useful utensil set.

8. Wooden Planter Block

There’s something about a plant on the windowsill or porch that sparks joy. Give them that joy with this planter block, a cheap gift for nurses that still feels lush.

9. Lightweight Cotton Economy
Tote Bags – Natural

Perfect for when they’re in a hurry, these totes are big enough to carry the things they need, whether they’re headed to work, the grocery store, or the beach.

10. Affection Shows Badge Reel

Give them something they’ll use every day with customizable badge holders and reels – they’re great cheap gift ideas for Nurses’ Week, the holidays, or any other appreciation event. Print a message on this cute Affection Shows badge reel that will remind them why they do what they do, on both the good days and the difficult ones.

11. 26 oz Tritan™ Flair Bottle with Drink-Thru Lid

When things are busy it can be easy for nurses to forget to take care of themselves. Self-care gifts are a good reminder, but self-care can be more basic than spa kits and candles. Encourage them to keep hydrated and healthy with this 26-oz water bottle.

12. Two-Tone Lunch-N-Carry Enviro Tote

Whether they’re on the go or simply busy at work, this insulated lunch bag keeps their meal nice and cool. Paired with our Harvest Utensil Set, it’s a practical and small gift for nurses who often forget about food.

13. MopTopper™ Stethoscope Stylus Pen

If you want to make them smile every time they see your small nursing gift, hand out these adorable MopTopper™ stylus pens. With a stethoscope clip, these pens can attach to clipboards, notepads, shirt pockets, etc. so they’ll never get lost.

14. Rustic Notebook Set

Whether they love to journal, write, or jot down notes and to-do lists, these notebooks are cheap gifts for Nurses’ Week that will come in handy for everyone. And, with a notepad, sticky notes, sticky flags, and a matching pen, they’ll have everything they need to write and organize whatever comes to mind.

15. Ashley Canvas Accessory Pouch

Nurses need to be organized and flexible, and this little pouch is here to help them out. When they’re called in for work unexpectedly, this canvas pouch holds a few essentials so that they can quickly get out the door.

Memorable Nurse Gifts Under $10

$10 may not seem like a lot, but it’s enough for a variety of cute, funny, or practical gifts. We offer many gifts under $10, so find one that the nurses in your organization will love. You know that they deserve the best, and Crestline is here to make those nurse gifts under $10 extra special. Personalize our cheap Nurses’ Week gift ideas to create a gift that they’ll treasure throughout their career and beyond.

16. Enterprise Tote

This tote isn’t your ordinary bag. Instead, it’s a high-quality yet cheap Nursing Week gift that has 600-denier polyester, a zippered enclosure, and a sturdy design, so this tote bag can take anything they throw at it – or in it.

17. 16 oz Radiance Travel Tumbler

Sometimes a warm drink can turn a difficult day around. This tumbler with a stainless-steel interior helps provide all-day tea or coffee so they have a comfort drink always on hand.

18. Fuzzy Feet Slipper Socks

These fuzzy socks are a gift for nurses under $10 that are comfy and perfect for those chilly days, whether they’re heading to work, keeping cozy at home, or hanging out with family and friends.

19. 1500 mAh Charge-It-Up Power Bank

On those long, crazy, disorganized days, this portable power bank is an essential for keeping their devices going strong. Personalize these power banks for the perfect small gift for Nurses’ Week or any other healthcare appreciation event.

20. 42" Arc Telescopic Umbrella with 100% RPET Canopy

Keep them prepared for any kind of weather with this travel umbrella that folds down to fit in a car compartment, tote bag, or backpack.

21. Quilted Lunch Cooler Tote

This quilted tote keeps meals and emergency snacks cool so that, when they really need those calories, eating is quick, easy, and enjoyable. At 9 in. by 10 ½ in. by 6 in., this tote is big enough for anyone.

22. Gildan® Heavy Cotton T-Shirt

Personalize this classic Gildan® T-shirt so they can show off what they do. It’s a classic and inexpensive gift idea for nurses – and it’s practical as nurses can wear these t-shirts to work underneath their scrubs, when they’re hanging out with family, or when they’re unwinding at home.

23. Whammo 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker

Help set the vibe with this Bluetooth speaker. Perfect for music, audiobooks, and podcasts, speakers are practical and cheap gift ideas for nurses that are useful in a variety of settings.

24. 25 oz Seaside Tritan™ Bottle

With a classic design, this bottle looks great and fits in most water bottle pockets and compartments. It’s an everyday item that they’ll find themselves reaching for again and again.

25. Harvest Lunch Set with Bamboo Lid

Give them an aesthetic way to bring their lunch to work with this lunchbox set, which will make every meal a special one.

Nurses must put up with a lot of physical and emotional difficulty. Despite all this, nurses feel called to serve their community with grace, endurance, and skill, and these few are special people. They deserve to be recognized and admired for what they do, and, to show that admiration and respect, give them thoughtful and small gifts for nurses that they’ll appreciate and use.