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Marketing Ideas for Senior Living Communities & Nursing Homes

updated: September 29, 2023
Marketing & Branding Senior Living Communities with Promo Products

Now more than ever senior living communities have to adapt on the fly as they adjust to new data and information to protect their residents, and as your own community makes changes, you'll want to adjust your marketing strategy as well. Luckily, marketing retirement communities doesn't have to be difficult with the right plan in place.

10 Ideas on How to Market Senior Living Communities

  1. Showcase What You Do to Bring People Together

    Whether that's social events, workout classes, or cookouts – seniors are often afraid of loneliness, and their families will share that concern. Advertise your facility as a place where seniors still get to be part of the community, and where there’s a strong internal sense of community, as well.

  2. Social Media Marketing

    Not all senior living communities advertise on social media thinking that their target audience aren’t sophisticated users – but their family members are.

  3. Local Partnerships

    Collaborate with local businesses and healthcare providers to offer special discounts or informational sessions for residents. These partnerships not only add value to your community but also drive word-of-mouth marketing.

  4. Direct Mail with a Twist

    Send out traditional direct mailers but include a small, useful gift like a branded fridge magnet. This not only grabs attention but also serves as a constant reminder of your community.

  5. Host Webinars on Senior Health Topics

    Become an authority in senior care by hosting educational webinars on topics like aging gracefully, senior nutrition, or technology for seniors. This provides value and positions your community as a thought leader.

  6. Referral Rewards Program

    Encourage current residents or their families to refer new residents by offering a small incentive like a month's free meals or a spa voucher. This taps into the network of your existing community.

  7. Influencer Partnerships

    Collaborate with senior influencers or industry thought leaders to showcase your community on social media or blogs. Their endorsements can lend credibility and expand your reach.

  8. Themed Open Houses

    Host open houses with specific themes such as "Retro Music Night" or "Wellness Wednesday" to attract a variety of potential residents with different interests.

  9. Community Podcast

    Launch a podcast featuring discussions on senior living, interviews with residents, and expert insights on aging. This provides an ongoing touchpoint and strengthens your community's brand.

  10. Promotional Products

    Promotional products are another avenue for marketing retirement homes that will surely set you apart from the competition since these items can be used for building relationships with new clients and strengthening the ones with current members. In addition, most of these items last for months or even years, meaning your community gets more exposure with every use. Here are some ways promotional products for senior citizens can help your marketing strategy:

PPE Items and Health & Safety

Senior citizens are statistically more vulnerable to illness and disease. Protect residents and staff with custom PPE that shows how much your organization cares about the health and safety of its residents.

  • Face masks
  • Anti-bacterial wipes
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Thermometers
  • First aid kits
Navy blue resuable face mask
Travel antibacterial wipes packages
1/2 oz Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer with Custom Leash/Neoprene Sleeve
.34 oz Compact Hand Sanitizer Spray
Reusable forhead thermometer
Contactless thermometer
Travel size first aid kit with wipes, bandages, cream, and carry case


  • Stylus for residents and staff
  • Light up for nurses and their assistants
  • Low-cost disposable for giveaways
  • Rubber grip and wide hourglass shape for comfortable writing
Stylus pen with company logo
Gold metal pen with laser engraved logo
Inexpensive quality pen with logo
Wide grip pen with logo

Folders & Document Holders

  • From mortgages to rental agreements to medical records, the number of documents can quickly become overwhelming. These document holders will help keep everything organized for any senior living company.
    Cream linen folder with foil stamped logo
    Frosted file organizing folder


  • Whether it's safety keychains with lights and whistles or wrist straps to keep keys handy, these useful giveaways benefit both residents and staff.
    Whistel and LED light safety keychain
    Wrist coil key organizer with logo keychain

Flat & Lightweight Easy to Mail Items for Direct Mail Promotion

  • You have the lead, now add a valuable touchpoint by sending a free gift with “lumpy mail” or direct mail marketing. These trendy items should be handy around the house since they keep your value proposition, branding and contact information on display in the homes of recipients.
    • Phone and laptop items. Baby boomers are your target market, and this generation of retiree is tech savvy as well as social. With that in mind, send them Popsockets, phone wallets, webcam covers or microfiber screen cleaners with your logo and information.
      Custom popsockets phone holders
      Protective webcam cover
    • Koozies. Custom can and bottle coolers are easy to store, lightweight and unbreakable. On top of that, they invoke sunny days spent outside in leisure or adventure.
      Collapsible KOOZIE® Can Kooler
      Full color KOOZIE® Can Kooler
    • Stick-Up or Wall Calendars. Decisions about senior living communities are complicated and can take a long time and lots of family discussion. Branded calendars keep your company on the minds of prospects each month until they are ready to sign up.
      2021 landscapes of America calendar
      2021 stick up English Triumph® calendar
    • Pocket Magnifiers. These convenient credit card sized magnifiers with 3x magnification are handy for reading newspapers, menus and more.
      Card magnifier and customized case

How to Market Homes in 55+ Communities

What are 55+ homes and why do people buy them?

  • When you sell homes in 55+ communities, you are selling real estate, whether it be single family homes, patio condominiums, or townhouses. These homes are owned rather than rented, and they are found in neighborhoods where only people over 55 can buy and live, which limits noise disturbances and home maintenance while providing community amenities like pools, golf courses, and tennis courts. In these communities, seniors have more peace of mind, but can enjoy active and social lifestyles in their free time.

Who is the target audience for your marketing?

  • You are marketing directly to the 55+ buyer, which is now the baby boom generation as more and more baby boomers retire each year.

What marketing ideas work to sell them?

  • Each generation of retiree requires a different marketing approach, and with baby boomers now reaching retirement age, you might need to adjust your marketing strategy to align with this new generation of client. After all, baby boomers are much more inclined to use technology, so the internet becomes that much more important when you're marketing retirement homes.
  • Another way to beef up your marketing approach with the 55+ buyer is to utilize promotional products. Since you're selling retirement homes, a form of real estate, house warming gifts like our Bamboo Cutting Board are always a great way to leave an impression on a client, and hopefully get positive reviews in return. Here are a few more housewarming ideas to get you started:
    • House shaped items (new home theme)
    • Coffee tumblers and mugs
    • Cutting boards and home entertaining items
    • Tote bags and backpacks
Magnetic clip shaped like a house
Letter opener with logo
Jar popper in the shape of a house
Travel coffe mug with lid, handle, and logo
Insulated travel mug with lid
Bamboo cutting board with handle and engraved logo
Lifestyle 7-In-1 Desktop Game Set
Bluetooth speaker with light up logo
Afforable natural color tote bag
Stylish computer backpack

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How to Market Independent Living Retirement Communities

What are Independent Living Retirement Communities and what is the advantage to living in them?

  • These dwellings are generally rented rather than owned and usually not single-family homes, although they can be townhouses or apartments. The advantage of these communities is that even more chores are taken off the client's plate by providing benefits such as interior cleaning, laundry services and optional communal dining, in addition to in-unit kitchens or kitchenettes. Again, the focus is on social life as well as indoor and outdoor amenities and activities. This removes some of the burden on residents so that they have fewer worries and more energy to focus on various hobbies and meaningful activities in retirement.

Who is the target audience for your marketing?

  • For the most part, marketing is geared toward the potential residents themselves. Adult children are often involved since they may be the first to present the idea when they see their parents spending all their energy keeping up with daily chores.

What marketing ideas work to attract residents?

  • When marketing independent living facilities, the emphasis should be on maintaining a client's independence while reducing their everyday workload. Since this will often be their first move into a retirement community, they'll be scanning through a variety of options. The best way to get their attention is to demonstrate how your community will ensure their independence while providing peace of mind.
  • Less chores around the house might mean more opportunity to vacation. One way to encourage seniors to continue to enjoy their lives is with a complementary gift like a fanny pack or a luggage tag. Below are some more gift ideas to show seniors how much adventure awaits them:
    • Sunglasses and hats
    • Beach towels, beach balls and sunscreen
    • Water bottles
    • Magnetic chip clips
    • Fanny/waist packs
    • Magnets with activity schedules and/or a sales rep headshot and contact information
    • Golf items and accessories
    • Travel and luggage
Retro style sunglasses with logo
Classic ball cap with logo
Plush beach towel with logo
Silver and red beach ball
travel sunscreen with spf lip balm
Aluminum sports bottle
Strong grip magnetic clip
Fanny pack with organizer
Fully customized schedule magnet
House shaped magnet
Golf Bag 6-Can Event Cooler
Ultra-lite golf umbrella
Colorful leather luggage tags
Travel size manicure set

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How to Market Assisted Living Facilities

What are Assisted Living Communities and what advantages do they offer residents?

  • Assisted living is the next step towards more daily help in senior living options. Residents of assisted living facilities have individual apartments, but these may be smaller and may not feature any type of kitchen. In additional to cleaning and maintenance, meals are provided, as well as help with activities of daily living such as dressing and bathing and help with dispensing medication properly. Crucial services are balanced with fun, lower impact social activities and hobbies to create a safe, low stress but still compelling lifestyle.

Who is the target audience for your marketing?

  • Marketing assisted living communities should be targeted at potential residents who are struggling more and more with daily activities as well as their younger family members who may persuade their loved ones to take this step or could possibly be in charge of the decision.

What marketing and branding ideas work to attract and retain residents?

  • Marketing assisted living communities should be targeted at potential residents who are struggling more and more with daily activities as well as their younger family members who may persuade their loved ones to take this step or could possibly be in charge of the decision.
  • The ins and outs of assisted living can be intimidating for seniors and their families as they try to find the best care available while also maintaining as much independence as possible. Education is the key to alleviating some of that fear when marketing assisted living facilities. The more educated they are on your services, the more attractive your facility becomes.
  • Your staff will be instrumental in marketing assisted living homes by educating seniors who are looking for a higher level of care. A great way to benefit your staff and promote your facility is by dressing them with apparel that shows off your brand, like the Harriton Restore Scrub Top. On top of that, you can help ease the process of moving into an assisted living facility and keep clients around by gifting them with any of the items shown below.
    • Personalized apparel for staff, from maintenance to food service to personal care
    • Polos and golf shirts
    • Uniforms
    • Pill boxes, pill cutters, and denture cases
    • Stretch bands and fitness items (yoga mats & pedometers)
    • Water bottles with medicine reminder and shaker bottles to help mix drinks residents may need like protein smoothies or healthy shakes
    • Doorknob bags to leave on residents’ doors with newsletters, newspapers, activities (see below) and giveaways
    • Fun hobbies and activities – items like crosswords, sudokus, word searches, gardening/seeds and adult coloring books
Red Port Authority stain-resistant polo for women
Blue Port Authority stain-resistant polo for men
Forest green scrub top with organization logo
7 day pill case
Medicine case with pill cutter
White denture case with logo on lid
Green exercise stretch band
yoga mat with customized mesh carrying bag
Clip on pedometer
24 oz Shake-It™ Bottle
Fitness tumbler with mixing ball
Clear door knob hanging bag
Large print word puzzle book
Adult coloring book and colored pencils set

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How to Market Skilled Nursing Homes

What are Skilled Nursing Homes and who are they for?

  • These facilities are for residents who need medical staff available 24/7 as well as multiple daily services that can even include help with eating. Since residents need these services, the emphasis is on comprehensive care as well as safety. Rather than apartments, residents have private or semi-private rooms.

Who is the target audience for your marketing?

  • When marketing skilled nursing facilities, you should speak to adult children of senior citizens as well as the potential residents themselves. Moving into one of these facilities may well be the resident’s decision, but they will often need a lot of help from family to research and make this move. On the memory care side of nursing homes, the decision may rest entirely with adult children.

What marketing and branding ideas work to attract residents and retain staff?

  • It's not an easy question when you start thinking of how to market nursing homes. The subject is often sensitive, and your strategy when it comes to marketing nursing homes should be just as delicate. The best strategy is to motivate customers by letting them know every step you and your staff take to ensure they're in the best care available. If you can do that, your brand and marketing strategy will have a backbone to stand behind.
  • Your staff will be the best ambassadors for your message, so give them all the tools they need to get the job done. Any of our branded supplies is a great place to start. In addition, you can help residents feel more at home by gifting them with Fuzzy Feet Slipper Socks, a Rescue Beads Hot/Cold Pack or any of the other gifts listed here.
    • Branded Supplies for staff
      • Senior Safety ID Kits
      • Stethoscope tags
      • Nurse Essentials – totes, post its, notepads and notebooks
      • Retractable badge holders
      • Gifts for Nurses during Nurses Week
    • Gifts for Current & Potential Residents
      • Cozy comfort items
Senior safety identification kit
Customized stethoscope tags
Tote bag with front pocket and side mesh pockets
Retractable badge holder with back clip and badge snap clasp
Insulated tumbler for wine or coffee
Fuzzy slippers with non-slip grips on sole
Polar fleece blanket with carrying straps

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