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Office Supplies & Technology Items with Custom Logo 24 products

Tech items for the home office

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NewWork from Home 4 Pack
Work from Home 4 Pack
Item # 124884

$12.32 - $8.10
Min qty: 50

NewPremium Work From Home Essentials
Premium Work From Home Essentials
Item # 124821

$119.98 - $92.30
Min qty: 5

NewWork From Home Essentials Plus Kit
Work From Home Essentials Plus Kit
Item # 124820

$59.98 - $46.14
Min qty: 8

NewBasic Work From Home Essentials Kit
Basic Work From Home Essentials Kit
Item # 124818

$11.98 - $9.22
Min qty: 48

NewSchool From Home Kit 1
School From Home Kit 1
Item # 124815

$14.38 - $11.07
Min qty: 25

NewFront Line Essentials Kit
Front Line Essentials Kit
Item # 124822

$17.98 - $13.83
Min qty: 30

NewArnold Palmer Kit in a Mason Jar
Arnold Palmer Kit in a Mason Jar
Item # 125119

$6.00 - $4.62
Min qty: 24

NewGlitter Journal
Glitter Journal
Item # 124938

$3.59 - $2.76
Min qty: 100

NewRecycled Cotton Journal
Recycled Cotton Journal
Item # 124916

$3.00 - $2.31
Min qty: 100

NewCork Wireless Charging Pad Desktop Organizer
Cork Wireless Charging Pad Desktop Organizer
Item # 125031

$14.39 - $11.07
Min qty: 25

NewUVClean Micro
UVClean Micro
Item # 124922

$18.98 - $14.60
Min qty: 5

NewPortland Recycled Cotton Journal
Portland Recycled Cotton Journal
Item # 124918

$3.59 - $2.76
Min qty: 150

New3-in-1 Charging Cable and Earbuds Ball
3-in-1 Charging Cable and Earbuds Ball
Item # 125170

$4.79 - $3.69
Min qty: 100

NewLounger Phone Stand
Lounger Phone Stand
Item # 125020

$3.90 - $3.00
Min qty: 100

NewUVClean Qi Charger
UVClean Qi Charger
Item # 125097

$55.54 - $46.14
Min qty: 25

NewUV Phone Sterilizer with Wireless Charging Pad
UV Phone Sterilizer with Wireless Charging Pad
Item # 125042

$41.98 - $32.30
Min qty: 15

NewKraft Paper Journal
Kraft Paper Journal
Item # 124917

$3.59 - $2.76
Min qty: 100

NewGlimpse Photo Frame with Wireless Charging Pad
Glimpse Photo Frame with Wireless Charging Pad
Item # 125019

$23.98 - $18.45
Min qty: 18

New10,000 mAh UL Cert Tri-Way Wireless Power Bank
10,000 mAh UL Cert Tri-Way Wireless Power Bank
Item # 124950

$41.39 - $31.84
Min qty: 12

NewCutter & Buck® Leather Writing Pad
Cutter & Buck® Leather Writing Pad
Item # 125219

$81.58 - $62.76
Min qty: 6

NewCutter & Buck® American Classic Jr. Writing Pad
Cutter & Buck® American Classic Jr. Writing Pad
Item # 125220

$68.38 - $52.60
Min qty: 12

NewOtterBox Mobile Device Detail Kit
OtterBox Mobile Device Detail Kit
Item # 125177

$23.39 - $10.30
Min qty: 48

NewWristler™ Wearable Speaker
Wristler™ Wearable Speaker
Item # 125204

$36.00 - $26.16
Min qty: 3

NewRocketBook Letter Flip Notebook
RocketBook Letter Flip Notebook
Item # 125267

$46.66 - $38.76
Min qty: 50

Promote Your Business with Custom Office Supplies

Let your logo speak for itself in the office! Promote your business, campaign, or school with custom logo office supplies, branded desk accessories, and high-tech corporate gifts. Promotional office supplies are functional and reflect a professional atmosphere. Your employees will love having custom desk accessories on hand or to share with coworkers. Your branding efforts will also be noticeable to anyone who visits the office.

Custom Gifts for Office Employees

Custom corporate gifts will make your employees feel valued and part of the business. Custom gifts are also great for onboarding new employees to your company. Invest in your employees and show off your logo on a variety of products like USB drivesnotebookspenstech accessoriespadfolios, and more! Ensure that your employees always have the identification and building access that they need with custom lanyards, badges, and badge holders.

Promote with Computer & Phone Tech Items

Logoed computer products and technology supplies are popular items that are used frequently and when placed in high traffic areas, will give your brand more opportunities to shine. From mobile device chargers, to adapters, to tech and office organizers, our promotional products experts can explain the uses of each of our custom office products and help you select the one that is just right for you and your organization.

Keep Employees Safe & Healthy with Custom PPE Supplies

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live and work. More than ever, the focus is on reducing the spread of harmful germs. Keep your employees, students, and clients safe and healthy with smart branded items. These technology promotional items will stand out because they are innovative and new, and also because they are tremendously useful. What better way to communicate your brand’s commitment to health and wellness?

Custom Office Supplies for Work From Home & Virtual Learning

High-tech custom office supplies are terrific for office, school, and when people are out and about. However, don’t overlook traditional custom office products, even in this age of virtual meetings and remote learning. When people are studying or working from home, they need pens, notepads, charging pads, calendars, PopSockets, charging cables, privacy and security gadgets, and flash drives all the more! If employees can’t walk down to the supply room for a memo pad, they will be all the more happy to find the one you mailed to their home. A company’s office manager, or the campus store manager, know every detail about every office item a person will need. But students learning from home and employees working from home probably don’t realize they need things … until they need them. This is why ship-to-home promotional office supplies campaigns are so warmly received.

Since you are interested in our promotional office and technology category, you may also wish to browse our selection of padfoliossticky notesnotebooks, and binders and document holders.

For more info on how to promote your brand with custom office and tech items, check out:

Customer Reviews of our Promotional Office & Tech Items

“This portfolio exceeds your required need for organization with plenty of pockets and built-in sections for your writing pad, pens, and odds and ends.” – Mario, VI, Durahyde Exec Brief-Padfolio

“They're just what we wanted. A nice grip, the contrast of text against the royal blue and writes smooth to top it off. We're all using them in the office and looking forward to handing them out at our event.” – Teddey, NM, Impulse Stylus Pen

These office-to-go kits are very handy. It has everything that you would ever need to organize your paperwork on the go. The miniature stapler and tape dispenser are so cute! Very handy.” – Margaret, NC, Office-to-Go Kit