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What is Swag? Spoiler Alert: It’s Not a Dirty Word

updated: June 14, 2023
What is Swag Infographic

What is Swag?

The term “swag” has many meanings, including confidence, a guesstimate, stolen things, or a window treatment. It also means “Stuff We All Get”, referring to free items given out at trade shows. The real definition of swag in marketing is a gift with a logo on it.

Examples of Swag Items

Who is Swag for and What Does it Do?

  • Who buys swag? Companies, schools and organizations. Translation: Anyone with a message or cause to broadcast! For example, a school can use swag to recruit potential students, a corporation might give out swag branded with their logo at a corporate event as a way to advertise for the company, or a charity may give out or sell custom printed t-shirts and awareness bracelets to support their cause.
  • What is swag used for?
    • To amplify brands
    • To acquire new business
    • To retain current business
    • To bolster school spirit
    • To raise staff morale
    • To fundraise
  • Who receives swag? New or potential customers and clients, members, employees and students.

What are the Types of Swag?