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What is Swag? Spoiler Alert: It’s Not a Dirty Word

published: August 24, 2020  |  updated: May 17, 2021
What is Swag Infographic

What is Swag?

The term “swag” has many meanings, including confidence, a guesstimate, stolen things, or a window treatment, but that isn’t how we mean it. It also means “Stuff We All Get”, referring to free items given out at trade shows. Closer, but not quite right. Here’s what “swag” means to us.

Definition of Swag

  • Swag is a gift with a logo on it.
  • Impulse Stylus Pen
    Reusable Grocery Tote Bag
    Beach Ball
    Piggy Bank
    Large Canopy Umbrella

Who is Swag for and What Does it Do?

  • Who buys swag? Companies, schools and organizations. Translation: Anyone with a message or cause to broadcast! For example, a school can use swag to recruit potential students, a corporation might give out swag branded with their logo at a corporate event as a way to advertise for the company, or a charity may give out or sell custom printed t-shirts and awareness bracelets to support their cause.
  • What is swag used for?
    • To amplify brands
    • To acquire new business
    • To retain current business
    • To bolster school spirit
    • To raise staff morale
    • To fundraise
  • Who receives swag? New or potential customers and clients, members, employees and students.

What are the Types of Swag?

What is a swag bag?

Does “swag” mean cheap stuff that gets throw away?
Absolutely not! “Swag” has been painted in recent years to imply cheap items that people don't want, or even flimsy plastic items that end up floating in the sea, contributing to future environmental problems. Luckily, swag doesn't have to be loaded with such a negative connotation. After all, swag is just a gift in the end, so we want to dispel some of the worries you might have about giving these items out. Besides, companies and organizations are only limiting themselves if they don't use promotional products to advertise their brand. The value and future of the swag you design depends on what you choose to customize and your overall promotional strategy. Here’s how to create branded gifts that will be kept and treasured:

  • Choose items that are truly useful.
    • Even inexpensive items that are cleverly designed can become problems solvers that get used and seen constantly.
    • No Touch Tool
      Flashlight and Whistle Keychain
      Protective Webcam Cover
  • Choose items that are well-made, beautiful and on-trend.
    • One of the best ways to choose an item is to get something that will last and that has a stylish design that inspires people to use the product. You can accomplish this with a well-crafted imprint on a trendy gift. Don't be afraid to pull inspiration from a successful retail store with clothing that is trending at the moment or popular bags and drinkware that everyone is carrying around with them. We have a few up to the minute options to get you started.
    • Performance Half Zip
      Quilted Zippered Boat Tote
  • Choose items that are eco-friendly.
  • Choose items perfectly targeted to your audience.
    • If you give people something they won’t use, it’s a waste. Even worse, it makes you look thoughtless. Show your audience that you understand their needs.

Are you still struggling to make a decision? We have Promotional Product Experts ready to help you. They can help you choose the right items so that you're putting your logo on a gift that recipients will value. Call or chat in at any time for assistance.

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