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45 Ways to use the Whizzie™ Spotter Tie

published: May 24, 2019  |  updated: October 29, 2021
truck and football whizzie spotter ties

The Whizzie™ Spotter Tie is an extremely versatile and fun item that the staff at Crestline has taken a liking for. If you’ve never heard of the Whizzie™, you’re not alone! The product is very simple. It is a silicone band that can be used to attach, mark or hold items together. It is a unique item because it gives recipients a lot of room for creativity, there is an endless number of ways to use this product. Some of the most common uses are for organization, labeling and making things easy to spot; like your suitcase on the luggage carousel.

In order to show you just how diverse the Whizzie™ Spotter Tie can be, we decided to compile a working list of possible ways that the Whizzie™ could work during your promotion or in everyday life! Here is what we have come up with—

how to use whizzie spotter ties

45 ways to use the Whizzie™ Spotter Tie

  1. Keep your headphones from tangling
  2. Label cords under your desk
  3. Mark your luggage when traveling to make it easy to spot
  4. Put on the handle or stem of a drink so you know which one is yours
  5. Use it to keep a gift bag closed
  6. Keep crayons together in a bunch
  7. Seal small bags of nuts, chocolate chips or sugar in the kitchen
  8. Keep necklaces or rings together while traveling
  9. Mark specific keys on your keyring
  10. Put around shoelace knots to keep them from coming undone
  11. Keep art supplies together
  12. Hold together a bouquet of flowers
  13. Use it to keep a poster rolled up
  14. Attach tomato plants to a reinforcement structure in the garden
  15. A zipper pull that provides a nice grip
  16. Hang ornaments to your Christmas tree
  17. Keep bobby pins together in a bundle
  18. Attach your badge to your lanyard
  19. Keep loose pieces of rope or yarn wound up nicely
  20. Hold together small bushels of herbs
  21. Hang up decorative strings of lights on outdoor event tents, awnings or patio canopy
  22. Use it to attach a bottle opener to your cooler bag
  23. Use instead of a twist tie to close bags of baked goods or goodie bags
  24. Keep all of your reusable shopping bags held together by the handles when not in use
  25. Wrap around a stack of business cards to keep them together in your purse, bag or pocket.
  26. Hold your soap container closed during travel
  27. Keep clothing hangers together during travel
  28. Attach a pocket-sized first aid kit to your lunch bag or backpack
  29. Secure a bundle of helium balloons to table weights or chair backs
  30. Attach the string of your tea bag to the handle of your mug to keep it from falling in
  31. Keep your phone, laptop or tablet charger neatly wound up
  32. Roll up T-shirts for giveaways and secure by putting the Whizzie™ around it
  33. Label plants in a garden by putting the Whizzie™ around the stem
  34. Keep your pens together in your purse or bag
  35. Use one to hold your hair back when you are without a hair tie
  36. Use to attach waste bags to your dog’s leash
  37. Attach your sunglasses to your purse strap or bag to keep them from getting broken inside
  38. Attach to child’s school bag to make it easy to spot
  39. Use it as a band to hold up long t-shirt sleeves for athletes
  40. Attach your keys to your pants or shoelaces while exercising
  41. Use it to keep a few batteries together to throw in your bag while traveling or camping
  42. Attach spare flashlights or umbrellas to the back of car headrests or other handles so you always know where to find them.
  43. Use it to turn a regular tank top into a racerback to keep straps from slipping down shoulders while active
  44. Keep cords that are extra-long wound up behind tables or under furniture to keep them hidden and untangled
  45. Put around your fishing pole when not in use to safeguard the extra line and keep it from getting tangled or stuck to something.